Plan to Return

Plan to Return


Current Status until 12/31/2020: Plan C

The Elders have put together a plan to get back to assembling. The plan is a safe guide and gradual plan in three phases. The Elders will give a minimum of a two weeks’ notice to all members when the decision is made to announce a new date to move to the next phase.

Plan C Gets us started back for the first-time phase

(Services Plan C) Date: Till the End of 2020, at this time the Elders will re-evaluate.

Services C: Under this guideline, we will have two identical services on Sunday (10 AM; 5:00 PM)

Each member will be assigned to either an AM or PM service, to minimize crowding. Those with last names A-G will be in one group; & last names H-Z in the other group. To make this more equitable, we will “flip-flop” AM & PM assignments each week.

There will be no Sunday Evening classes.

There will be no Wed. night services or classes

Services B Date to start: TBD

Services B:  Under these guidelines we will meet for 2 separate services for ALL on SUN 10am; 5pm

There will still be no classes on Sunday

Lanny will have two different sermons one Sunday morning and one Sunday night.

There will be no Wednesday service.

(Services Plan A:) Date to start: TBD

Services A:   We will return to our “normal” method of assembling, as we did before Sunday 10AM Worship, Sunday 5PM Classes, Wed. Classes