Plan to Return

Plan to Return

The elders have decided upon a plan for restarting services at the Fishers church of Christ; it is attached to this email. Much thought and discussion has been put into this plan, and we ask for your cooperation as we implement it. As of right now, our target date to restart is June 14, 2020. Our plan to return to “normal” is gradual, with three-phases. However, we (elders) continue to monitor the ever-changing and evolving situation pertaining to the coronavirus, and we reserve the right to modify or even scrap this plan if we feel the circumstances warrant such. As the time draws near, we will send another notice, in which this plan will be updated to include any needed changes between now and then. Thank you for continuing to be the wonderful, loving, cooperative Christians you are. We look forward to seeing you before too long!

The Elders have put together a plan to get back to assembling. The plan is a safe guide and gradual plan in three phases. The Elders will give a minimum of a two weeks’ notice to all members when the decision is made to announce a new date to move to the next phase.

Plan C Gets us started back for the first-time phase

(Services Plan C) Date to start:

Tentatively June 14, 2020 (subject to change)

Services C: Under this guideline, we will have two identical services on Sunday (10 AM; 5:00 PM)

Each member will be assigned to either an AM or PM service, to minimize crowding. Those with last names A-G will be in one group; & last names H-Z in the other group. To make this more equitable, we will “flip-flop” AM & PM assignments each week.

There will be no Sunday Evening classes.

There will be no Wed. night services or classes

Services B Date to start: TBD

Services B:  Under these guidelines we will meet for 2 separate services for ALL on SUN 10am; 5pm

There will still be no classes on Sunday

Lanny will have two different sermons one Sunday morning and one Sunday night.

There will be no Wednesday service.

(Services Plan A:) Date to start: TBD

Services A:   We will return to our “normal” method of assembling, as we did before Sunday 10AM Worship, Sunday 5PM Classes, Wed. Classes